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Let us start with what is your land worth? The market value of your land is not 1) what you have in it, 2) what you need out of it, 3) what other properties are listed at, 4) what the tax assessor says it is worth, 5) or the highest list price suggested by one of the Real Estate Brokers you are interviewing. The true value of your land is based on, but not limited to 1) its location, 2) amenities, 3) today's market conditions, 4) today's lending requirements, 5) the competition, 6) inventory, 7) its holding costs, 8) its size, shape and dimensions, 9) adjoining properties, 10) zoning, 11) today's economy, and more....

"Even appraisers wrestle with how to nail down a concrete market value for land. Think what an obstacle it is for Real Estate Brokers. Add the fact that most Brokers are not Land Specialists and you have a major challenge. Here is where I come in. I developed a process that will get your property sold. Without getting into the complexities of valuing land, let us establish an understanding of how appraisals work. In the vast majority of real estate transactions (especially when financing is involved), buyers and lenders will rely on an appraisal to verify the value of the asset they are purchasing (aka – the collateral that their loan is secured by). The appraisal is a comprehensive report that usually considers three key valuation approaches. These approaches are known as:
  • The Income Approach
  • The Cost Approach
  • The Sales Comparison Approach
These are widely considered to be the most reliable methods of determining a property’s market value. I, too, use all three approaches and because I am also an investor and a builder I push the bar further. I have been buying land to build on for the past 16 years. Failure was never an option, not even during the financial crisis of 2007-2008. I know how to sell land to builders like me and to buyers who want to build custom homes like my Clients. If you want a Broker who is trustworthy, frankly honest, and will not waste your time; your search ends here. Fill out the form below to know the current market value of your property. I will forward you a free report. If you then decide to move forward, we can schedule a site visit and I will show you how I will market your property and get it SOLD!" Chris Marler


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