The best remodels are born from the best Client-Builder relationships --- relationships that are based on open communication and trust. Honest talk with our Clients is the basis for our design and estimating work. Our remodel service maintains focus on minimizing disruption and anticipating challenges in order to expedite completion. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, clear dialogue, and creative solutions to maximize the return on your remodeling investment. 

                                              Illustration By Fil Gouvea

                                            Illustration By Fil Gouvea


Remodeling is an industry that uses a tremendous amount of resources and creates a great deal of waste. In addition, many of today's building materials help create unhealthy indoor environments. Our remodeling process is mindful of the impacts. When possible, and when economically feasible, we use sustainable materials and methods that use fewer resources to build, less energy to operate, and have a reduced impact on the environment. We support suppliers and design professionals who share our philosophy and our commitment to the planet. When you contract with REDEFINE expect your remodeling project to be 

  • Efficient and comfortable - saving you money every month on your utility bills
  • Durable - decreasing the time and money you spend on maintenance
  • Healthy - making your home safer and more pleasant to spend time in
  • Easier on the planet's resources - giving us all something to feel good about


  • Solar water heating, fresh air inlets, and whole-house ventilation
  • Chemical-free insulation of recycled cellulose
  • Solar tube lights to minimize electric lighting
  • Zero-VOC paints inside and out
  • FSC certified sustainably grown lumber, plywood, and hardwood flooring
  • Energy efficient windows and weather stripping