1. TELECONFERENCE / VIDEO-CONFERENCE. Our first steps are teleconferences or a video-conferences to learn what your needs are and give you some perspective on how we work. As we get to know each other, we determine if we are a good fit for your project.

  • FINANCING: If you need financing for your custom home project, you must obtain a pre-approval from our lender. A pre-approval allows you and us to know exactly how much land and home you can afford. It is typical for potential Clients to assume they qualify for a certain amount, but less than 10% qualify for a land and construction loan. Hence, we make it a requisite prior to taking the next step.  

2. MEETING. This meeting takes place at our Model Home. 

  • LAND: If you need land to build a REDEFINE custom home our in-house Real Estate Broker will help you find the right parcel. At this stage you enter into a Buyer Representation Agreement with our Broker. A Buyer Representation Agreement clarifies reciprocal expectations, develops mutual loyalty, and creates an agency relationship so our Broker can help you purchase a suitable lot.

3. FEASIBILITY: Once a land parcel had been identified and placed under contract, for a fee, REDEFINE will produce a FEASIBILITY STUDY and develop a preliminary budget estimate.  

4. DESIGN: Our design agreement states that for a fee we will design your custom home project. Design can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on your budget. When all the design decisions have been finalized we provide you with an advanced budget estimate and prepare a permit package to submit for permitting.

5. PERMITTING: Getting all the permit departments on the same page efficiently takes practice. Experienced in the process, REDEFINE works with the relevant agencies to secure the permits to begin construction.

6. PRICING: Once the permitting requirements have been defined, REDEFINE gives you a final price. 

7. CONTRACT: Once Design, Permitting, and Pricing are finalized we draw up a Construction Agreement. 

8. LAND DEVELOPMENT: We, at REDEFINE Custom Homes, provide a complete Construction Project Management --- a turnkey solution. We manage the construction of the foundation and all sitework necessary to start construction.

9. CONSTRUCTION: We will treat your custom home as we would treat ours. You will be able to log on to your portal where we post weekly progress reports and photos. 

10. COMPLETION: This is the moment you have been waiting for --- it is time to take the keys to your dream home and plan your housewarming party. Enjoy!