• How payments are made during construction

Are you licensed & insured?

When working with an architect the Design + Build often means that the design is completed first by the architect then the finished drawings are sent to builders. Only after a builder is selected will the architect meet with the builder to work out the issues in the drawings. More often than not, the drawings will need to change and the cost goes up.

How to you ensure quality construction? No low bids
starting with low estimates that stem Change Orders that cause budget overruns and sear dreadful conflict. You can control the number of hours by adding a "not-to-exceed this amount" in the construction agreement. 
I got a lower bid/estimate than yours, why?
  • Assess the potential cost of the proposed custom home project relative to your budget before buying land or preparing the construction drawings. Contact us and we will give you a Preliminary Total Project Cost Estimate tailored to the custom home project you have in mind. The Preliminary Project Cost Estimate is helpful in determining whether the construction cost of your new custom home is within the budget you have set.