As a builder and a real estate broker Chris helps his Clients who want to buy homes to renovate avoid nasty surprises. A home may look good on the surface, but conceal many problems. His building experience is a great asset when you are looking for a home to buy then remodel. 

"As an experienced builder I can spot subtle signs of trouble. I can pinpoint problems and offer suggestions on how to deal with them. I will point out predicaments that may cost more to remedy than you expect." Chris Marler

His construction know-how is a colossal tool. He can help you budget for the renovations you plan on doing.  

"I assist my Clients by helping them buy right. Many do not know which properties to consider or avoid. Anyone attempting to buy a home to renovate should work closely with 1) an experienced builder to accurately assess the work involved and the costs, along with 2) an experienced real estate broker to accurately assess the value of the renovated home. I am both. Contact me for expert advice." Chris Marler

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