Over the past 25 years, Chris developed over 100 lots. His immense experience and straight-forward approach is ideal if you want to buy land to build on and need guidance. 

"Through the years, I developed strong relationships with key lenders, planners, engineers, utility representatives, zoning board members, and government officials. I keep up-to-the-minute on market events and new City and County regulations to provide my Clients sound and strategic advice." Chris Marler

Chris is client-centric and when you work with him you will not only dip into his real estate knowledge, but into his building experience as well. And, his service does not need to end when you close on your land purchase. Through REDEFINE, Chris can continue guiding you through planning, design, budgeting, permitting, land development, construction, and post construction. See our LAND and FEASIBILITY pages.

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3022 Harborview Drive
Gig Harbor, WA  98335 

Phone:  253-858-1100
Fax:       253-509-0265