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For the past 16 years we, at REDEFINE Custom Homes, worked to provide our Clients with a high level of comfort, service, and trust. We produce individualized Feasibility Studies so our Clients can proceed towards building their custom homes. A Cost Estimate and a Scope of Work will be provided prior to you choosing either service from the two below:

  • An Initial Land Feasibility Study can be completed in 16-40 business hours (land dependant). It includes one site visit and one visit to the City/County Permitting Departments. It is a billable service @ $120 per hour. 
  • A Comprehensive Feasibility Study is based on the Initial Land Feasibility Study findings. It may include (but not limited to) soil tests, geotechnical studies, wetland studies, mediation plan, etc....The cost is done on a Time and Material basis. 

Below are some research examples:

  • Well-Septic-Soil Tests
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Sensitive Species (Animal or Plant)
  • Access-Easements-Driveways-Roads-Right of Ways-Encroachments
  • Road Maintenance Agreements-Other Maintenance Agreements
  • Access To Utilities (water, sewer, phone, cable, internet, gas, electric)
  • Covenants-Conditions-Restrictions-Home Owners' Associations
  • Bodies of Water-Shorelines-Flooding
  • Topography-Views-Land Classification-Zoning
  • Impact Fees-Utility Hook-Up Fees
  • Location of Property Corners-Size-Shape
  • Fire Protection-Local Improvements District
  • Historical-Archeological Standings
  • Hazardous Material