We offer extensive services under one roof to ensure efficiency and viability in every aspect of a project --- from conception to completion. We carefully tailor every component of a project to create the home of our Clients’ dreams.


Our team of skilled subcontractors are an integral part of successfully crafting our custom homes. We include the expertise of all trades from the onset of each project – encouraging communication and coordination. 


Great spaces begin with great architecture, but they culminate in the details. We offer comprehensive services to achieve this cohesion, to truly define the way a space feels. Our commitment to detail is what makes our projects distinctive, beautiful, and functional. 


REDEFINE Custom Homes isn’t just any home building company. We started wanting to make a difference to how custom home customers were treated. That DNA lives on in our business. Let’s face it, building a custom home is a BIG deal – and you’re bound to have questions. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want; as often as you need. You can email the owner Amalina Malli at redefine77@gmail.com or call at (253) 509-2834.

"First and foremost – we’re not a housing company. We are custom home builders. This means we are out working on each and every custom home project. We are responsible every step of the way and, as importantly, we are able to talk you through everything that is going on before and during the build. There is no middle-man – the work is done by us and the buck stops with us." Amalina Malli, Owner


Here’s where you expect us to boast about us --- right? Our excellence in service, our attention to detail, our ecological fidelity, our smart designs, etc..., etc..., etc.... But that’s not who we are. 

Instead, to know REDEFINE Custom Homes, we’d like you to know our belief about why we exist in this business and what we hold true. We think what we do matters because a custom home is so much more than wood, bricks, and mortar. We believe a custom home is the foundation to the picture of how life should and can be.  A custom home promises the future and frames the past. It stands strong when the dream may weaken. It flexes to change; stays steady when life runs wild. To us, the idea of a custom home goes way beyond construction, or service, or design. It’s the very cornerstone of life’s hopes and aspirations. And it’s a brave thing to create. We understand and respect that --- and those who set out to create their dreams around a custom home. We appreciate the fragility of such visions and we exist in this business to protect and nurture those dreams.


REDEFINE Custom Homes’ strength as a company is in part derived from our extensive and thoughtful advance planning. Chris has the work history of estimating and building complicated commercial buildings. These types of construction projects require a great deal of advance planning. REDEFINE Custom Homes applies the same extensive and thoughtful advance planning to each custom home we build. Our experience has shown that this is the key to completing your custom home on time and on budget.

"A partial list of the skills and experience we will apply to your new home include: trouble shooting your design details, value engineering to match budgets, assisting with lot selection, and early budgeting based on conceptual and preliminary designs. Often we are able to use our model home as an example of the quality and details for your custom home. At other times the details and floorplan are created from scratch to perfectly match your lifestyle and budget. It is your choice. I will personally supervise the construction of your custom home. Have the Peace of Mind that the process will be smooth and the outcome predictable." Chris Marler, Construction Manager
"We help assess the feasibility of each custom home project from design, construction, and budgetary perspectives. Success hinges on developing a scope of work in balance with cost. This requires listening to and respecting the needs, desires, and budgets of our Clients. We provide exceptional architectural value, quality construction, and unique details at competitive prices." Amalina Malli, Owner

"A good relationship between a Client and builder is based on trust. It’s important to us that we get to know our Clients in order to learn their design preferences, current and future lifestyle needs, as well as their budget. We encourage our Clients to ask questions, present ideas, and become an integral part of the home building team. We also recognize that most of our Clients are working within a budget. With balanced design and our phased-construction process you can afford to obtain the quality workmanship of a custom home." Karl Gamble, Quality Control Manager