Illustration By Environmental Artist Svabhu Kohli

                       Illustration By Environmental Artist Svabhu Kohli


We are a custom home builder and remodeling contractor based in spectacular Gig Harbor, Washington. We specialize in building custom homes with an emphasis on value, innovation, energy efficiency, healthy indoor air, environmental sustainability, and structural beauty. 

You are the reason we are able to build. When you choose to work with REDEFINE you become an integral element to the process of making your custom home project a reality. We are here to ensure your ideas are heard and your needs met. 

Our goal is to unveil your vision and make your custom home project the best it can be. We infuse every assignment with the highest level of service, creativity, and craftsmanship. Our dedication to meeting your expectations is the foundation of our business and its future success. 

Ecological fidelity guides our designs. This ideal directs us to use healthy and sustainable material, efficient systems, and resource saving construction methods. Your custom home project will contribute to cleaner air, water, and soil. 

Our approach to an open custom home construction process provides you with three advocates – the architect, the builder, and you (the Client) – each empowered to achieve project success. 

Collaboration with architects is the cornerstone of our practice. We bring together the Clients, with their vision and resources, the architect, and our construction expertise, giving all a voice. The resulting dialogue reveals the opportunities and limitations of a given project. These are used by us as a framework within which to innovate, create, and build. 

"We approach each custom home project as a team of Client, architect, and builder to utilize the best thinking input from all parties. We work closely with architects to creatively arrive at the best design and value solution for a Client. We are mindful of the notion that a quality architect is an important resource for building knowledge and detail expertise during the design phase. Their input is key to a successfully realized design. A collaborative team approach to design leads to a smooth construction process that we strive to make enjoyable for everyone involved." Karl Gamble, Quality Control Manager
"It is important to us that you understand the performance and impact of what we do. We invite you to learn more about us and what we can do for you --- and we would love your feedback. Contact us if you have a project in mind or even just to ask us some questions." Amalina Malli, Owner